Friday, January 3, 2014

Social Networking vs. Blogging

I don't like to use Facebook.
Sure, you can add me as a friend; I'll definitely accept if I know you. But it won't be a very interesting experience, and this I can guarantee. You see, I don't post anything. There's always that one rare occasion where I'll upload an album of photos for safe keeping, but other than that, no status updates, no single "mobile uploads", no "where I am" or "who I'm with".

I'm not saying that Facebook is a terrible idea; I like its concept of "friends" and having connections with family, friends, and the friends of friends. It's why I use it! My way of keeping in touch :) And now you might ask why I don't post, and assume that the reason is because I don't want you to know what goes on in my life.

That's partially true, but your reasoning no longer makes sense, now that you're looking directly at my personal blog. We'll take a look at Social Networking vs. Blogging.

Let's say I do post on Facebook, and very often too. All of my friends will see my updates, and eventually, I begin to take over their news feed. Not only is my posting the problem, but they'll also have to read the posts of their other friends. You can't exactly get around to the small details like this! I don't know about all of you, but on Facebook I just scroll, scroll, scroll. I'm not uninterested. I (and everyone else in this world) just don't have the time to read everything that appears on the screen.

I'm going to call this blog my "Facebook by choice". A blog is a website, but not a network. You can still comment on posts and "add me into your circles" (if you're on Google? :) ) But you are welcome to follow all of my posts, and you are welcome to follow none at all. And my favorite part of blogs? More detail! (Includes pictures. Oh, I LOVE pictures :) )

Well friends, there you have it--why I've chosen to be a blogger to become close with instead of just a mutual friend that you've never spoken to, yet you're still reading their timeline ;)

I'll see you next time!

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Hi! I'm Ellie :)
Blogging is one of my New Year's resolutions.
So... here we go!